Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of this defining moment in our American history ~

Witness the final surrender of the Civil War with these Historical Vignettes;

                              Meeting of Generals                       


he Morgan Legacy


ur highly anticipated  GETTYSBURG, Windows in Time  is HERE!  Witness over thirty battle scenes come to life through the powerful artwork of acclaimed historical artists; Keith Rocco, Bradley Schmehl and Dan Nance on the very spot where the event occurred! This GPS - enabled guided app will allow you to explore America's largest battlefield in a whole new format; we take you out of the museum and onto the battlefield, experiencing the past in the very footsteps of those who fought there.

WIFI required for download.


Charlotte Liberty Walk  provides an engaging and educational experience for tourists and local residents to learn about the origins and development of the city of Charlotte and how its citizens influenced and participated in the American Revolution. This interactive guide and tour brings the history of Charlotte to life utilizing Hand Held History's powerful "Windows in Time" feature. Witness these historical events from the same perspective as those who were there. Because none of Charlotte's pre-revolutionary structures exist today, the Charlotte Liberty Walk App serves as a visual aid to help people bridge the centuries and understand what the city was like during those tumultuous revolutionary years from 1775 to 1791.



Hand Held History, LLC is a multimedia/technology company that provides powerful historical content delivered on a mobile device platform. Lead by founder, chief creative officer and acclaimed historical artist Dan Nance, Hand Held History’s mission is to engage and enlighten tourists, students and enthusiasts by bringing the past to life in a unique new format which uses the power of mobile devices to best advantage.  Through GPS technology and innovative site-specific “Windows in Time”, Hand Held History is putting the past in the palm of your hand, personally connecting you to historical events on the very spot they occurred!
We create interactive tours of Heritage sites, battlefields and historical events– tour guides for the digital age!  Let us know how we can bring your site to life!
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